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Veranda Composite Decking:A Home Depot Exclusive

Veranda Composite Decking Review

Introducing Veranda Composite Decking: Fiberon’s New Kid on the Block

Veranda might seem like the new entrant, but it's crafted with the same dedication and quality assurance Fiberon is renowned for. This product's production happens right in Fiberon's dedicated recycling facility, which commendably repurposes more than 40,000 tons of plastics and wood from landfills annually.


Veranda Composite Decking: The Features

The signature touch to Veranda composite decking is its texture – a top that authentically replicates the grainy appeal of genuine wood. Whether you opt for solid brown or gray, you're ensured a square profile measuring .93 x 5.3 inches.

Its exclusivity lies in its availability – you'll only find Veranda composite decking gracing the aisles of Home Depot stores across the US.

Every product comes with its highlights and areas of improvement. Veranda is no exception.


  • Reputation Matters: Veranda rides on Fiberon’s expertise, ensuring you get top-tier quality.

  • Value for Money: Simplicity is Veranda’s hallmark, making it more pocket-friendly.

  • Durability: Boasting a tensile strength of 262 pounds per square inch, Veranda surpasses many in its category.

  • Robust Protection: While their look is simplistic, these boards come fortified with a protective cap shielding against diverse environmental challenges.


  • Only two colors: Two colors might seem restrictive to those seeking a broader spectrum. Veranda Composite Decking colors are solid gray & brown

  • Warranty Duration: A 15-year warranty, although decent, may feel limited when compared to some competitors

  • offering longer durations.

What is the price for Veranda composite decking? 

Veranda offers options in either 12-foot or 16-foot boards:

  • 12-foot boards: Roughly $20/board, with bundle options of 10 ($200) and 56 ($1,300).

  • 16-foot variant: Around $25/board, bundled in 56 pieces for approximately $1,750.

Keep in mind that the price can vary depending on location. 

One of the bonuses is the transparency in cost, thanks to Veranda's exclusive retailing via Home Depot. 

For those homeowners who are looking to DIY the project here are some pointers: 

  1. Ensure Solid Deck Framing: Properly anchored ledger boards are pivotal. Double-check its fastening and the presence of adequate lag screw heads.

  2. Spacing is Key: Typically, 2x8-inch joists spaced 16 O/C apart should suffice for vertical pattern and 12 O/C for diagonal  patterns. Additionally for stairs, run 9 O/C per the manufacture.

  3. Footings: Deep enough footings are crucial to accommodate Veranda the deck's structure. Check your local building codes for appropriate depth. 

Maintenance Tips:

Veranda composite decking is reinforced by a 25-year warranty for residential use and a 10-year warranty for commercial setups. 

So, if you're in the market for a reliable, value-packed decking solution, Veranda composite decking, exclusively at Home Depot, might be worth a look.

Need a Professional Deck Builder? If you're considering investing in Veranda composite decking but need expert hands for installation, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Fresh View Construction. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your decking project turns out perfect!

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