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Outdoor Living Contractor

Fresh View Construction stands as the premier option in the Tacoma region for outdoor living services. Our carefully crafted outdoor living spaces offer a seamless expansion of your living area, extending beyond the restrictions of your home and ensuring year-round enjoyment of your deck or patio.

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Considering a backyard upgrade or want to remodel your outdoor living space in Tacoma? Fresh View Construction is your go-to Outdoor Living Contractor in the area. We're here to help you create the perfect outdoor sanctuary, expanding your living space, and adding value to your home. With outdoor living spaces becoming more popular, now's the ideal time to transform your yard.
As Tacoma's top outdoor living contractor, we're experts in communication and offer endless customization options. If you can dream it, we can build it. Let's work together to turn your yard into a personalized haven that's truly yours.

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New Outdoor Kitchen

Fresh View Construction is a leading outdoor kitchen service provider that specializes in designing and building custom outdoor kitchens for homeowners in Washington. The company has a team of skilled outdoor craftsman who work closely with clients to create unique and functional outdoor living spaces that meet their specific needs and preferences.

It's not just the construction of a kitchen; it transforms into an entire living space. Beyond the ability to cook, grill, bake, or smoke food outdoors, this kitchen facilitates food preparation, dishwashing, and storage. The ergonomic design ensures a seamless flow, making food preparation a breeze with well-connected prep, cleaning, and cooking areas. Integrate a dining space to serve guests, and your outdoor living area becomes fully realized. The beauty of a paved outdoor kitchen lies in its easy integration with the existing style of your outdoor space, especially if the walkways and patio are already paved. A fully equipped outdoor entertaining space eliminates the need to step away from conversations when grabbing more wine or bringing out additional treats from inside the house.

Outdoor Living Area Lighting Features

As one of the leading Outdoor Contractors in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Federal Way, Lake Tapps, Bonney Lake, Puyallup, Sumner, University Place, Spanaway, Auburn, Lakewood, and Kent, our Outdoor contractors install many kinds of outdoor lighting. 

Outdoor lighting features breathe life into exterior spaces, serving a dual purpose as both decorative accents and practical security measures. These fixtures go beyond mere adornment, effectively highlighting specific areas, guiding pathways, and enhancing the overall atmosphere of your outdoor living space.

Moreover, the transformative power of good lighting cannot be overstated. It has the ability to reshape your perception of an outdoor living area by skillfully playing with light and shadow. Crafting the ideal, tranquil ambiance for your home becomes achievable through thoughtful lighting design.

No matter the desired feel or style you aim to achieve, Fresh View Construction is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect lighting elements that seamlessly complement your outdoor living space.

Fireplaces and Firepits

Patio cover skylights
patio cover heater
Fans & Heaters
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Outdoor Kitchen

Fresh View Construction also offers custom fireplaces & firepits that are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit has the potential to elevate the completeness of your home. At Fresh View Construction, we understand the unique significance that fireplaces and fire pits hold as the heart of household gatherings. That's why we are committed to delivering a premium outdoor living space, complete with a luxury fireplace, for you and your family to enjoy.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key considerations in selecting a contractor for your backyard project? 

- To find a reputable local company, it's essential to assess reviews, delve into their past projects, and confirm that your chosen builder is both insured and meets state licensing criteria.

Choosing the right outdoor living contractor is a significant decision. Your selected contractor is not just a service provider but a partner in realizing your vision, emphasizing the importance of trust. Key questions to consider include:

  • Do you possess the expertise required to bring my project vision to life?

  • Are there in-house landscape architects to develop a comprehensive master plan?

  • Is the installation/construction conducted internally?

  • How will my project be overseen and managed?

We concentrate on making your dream a reality, striving for a seamless and enjoyable process.

What is the optimal period for constructing an outdoor living space?

Fresh View Construction collaborates with clients throughout the year, allowing you to commence the design of your space at any point. The ideal installation time is determined by your project's scope, and we collaborate closely with you to establish a project schedule tailored to your requirements.

Is my outdoor kitchen built to withstand different elements?

Yes, that's correct. Fresh View Construction specializes in installing top-quality outdoor kitchen brands featuring weather-resistant materials. We offer guidance on preventing wear and ensuring the longevity of your outdoor kitchen, taking into account your chosen finishes.

Do outdoor living spaces require ongoing maintenance?

- We customize your space to match your lifestyle and use premium, resilient materials in construction. Our experts review care and maintenance details before finalizing your project, ensuring the long-lasting beauty and functionality of your outdoor living space.

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