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Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

Best Composite Decking For Full Sun in the PNW

When searching for the best composite decking for full sun exposure, it's essential to consider factors like color and material composition. Direct sunlight can cause decks to become extremely hot, especially if they are in darker shades. Therefore, lighter colors are recommended as they tend to keep surface temperatures lower. Regardless of whether you're leaning towards PVC or composite options, always prioritize products specifically designed to withstand the rigors of full sun exposure. By doing so, you'll ensure a long-lasting,  comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

In the quest for the best composite decking for full sun, understanding brand variations and their temperature responsiveness is vital. However, personal aesthetics play a significant role too. While lighter colors might effectively reduce surface temperatures, they may not always align with your design preferences or the visual appeal you're aiming for. It's a balancing act between practicality and aesthetics. For those residing in areas like Tacoma, where the weather tends to be milder with less intense sun exposure, this balance might tilt differently. While considering Tacoma's weather, remember that a deck's temperature might not be as crucial a factor as in sunnier locales. Nonetheless, always strive for a harmonious blend of functionality, comfort, and beauty when selecting your composite decking.

Pro Tip: Combatting Hot Composite Decking with Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug can significantly enhance the comfort of your deck's surface. Designed to endure the outdoors, these rugs provide a protective layer, shielding the deck from the direct impact of sunlight and consequently lowering its surface temperature. Beyond the practical benefits, such rugs can also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. After investing in quality decking, incorporating an outdoor rug ensures you get the most out of your space, combining style and functionality to keep your deck comfortable and inviting, no matter how strong the sun shines.

Our Conclusion On The Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

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In conclusion, when on the hunt for the best composite decking for full sun exposure, your choice of color plays a pivotal role in dictating comfort and usability. While personal aesthetics and regional factors like the Tacoma weather might influence your decision, it's beneficial to prioritize functionality. Gray colors typically fare better in direct sunlight, absorbing less heat than their darker counterparts, followed by the tans which offer a balance of warmth and reduced heat absorption. Additionally, for those looking to maximize comfort on sun-intense days, consider integrating an outdoor rug into your deck design. Not only does it add a layer of visual appeal, but it also offers practical benefits by shielding the deck's surface from the sun and reducing its temperature. Your deck is an extension of your living space; ensuring it remains inviting and comfortable throughout the year is worth the thoughtful planning.

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