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Auburn Deck Builder | Patio Cover Contractor

Looking for the best deck and patio solutions in Auburn? Fresh View Construction is Auburn's Premier Deck Builder and Patio Cover Builder. Whether you're considering a charming backyard deck or a spacious commercial deck, or perhaps seeking a stylish patio cover, our unmatched expertise ensures your outdoor visions come to life. Trust Auburn's leading deck builder and patio cover specialist, Fresh View Construction, for top-tier quality and innovative design.

Your Auburn Deck Building and Restoration Experts

For those in Auburn wanting to fully embrace the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest from their homes, partnering with Fresh View Construction, the top deck builder in the Tacoma area, is the way to go.

Fresh View Construction isn't just a deck builder; our team comprises skilled designers, dedicated project managers, and deck specialists who come together to offer unmatched expertise in crafting the ideal deck tailored to each client's vision.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted deck builder for the Auburn community, offering a variety of decking options. Our commitment spans the entire project - from initial deck design brainstorming to the meticulous details of the installation process.

We specialize in crafting custom decks and patio covers  that transform your outdoor areas into beautiful and functional extensions of your home.

If your existing deck is showing signs of wear and tear, our deck resurfacing service can breathe new life into it. We restore and refresh your deck's surface, making it look as good as new.

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Our Premier Deck Builders in Auburn, WA: Sourcing Inspiration for Top-Quality Deck Construction

Recognized as Auburn's premier deck builder, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality decks and deck construction services. Every deck we construct is made from high-grade materials and undergoes rigorous testing to meet industry standards.

Our deck builder team in Auburn is attuned to all the nuances of deck construction, ensuring each deck is tailored to meet specific requirements. We offer a variety of deck construction options, including:

  • Covered decks

  • Enclosed decks

  • Front decks

  • Backyard decks

  • Decks with bench seats

Auburn's Foremost Expert in Deck Construction

Opt for Auburn's Finest Deck Construction with Fresh View Construction: Our expert team of professionals is dedicated to offering top-tier deck construction solutions, ensuring value for both your time and money. We prioritize harmonizing with the environment and enhancing your home's beauty with every deck we build.

Benefits of choosing our deck construction services include:

  • Budget-friendly and approachable services

  • Complete customer satisfaction

  • Expertise of highly-trained professionals

  • Efficient use of time and resources

From porches to decks, Fresh View Construction is the go-to deck builder in Auburn and beyond. Expand your outdoor living areas seamlessly. For more details or to book an appointment, dial 253-231-2956!

Our Deck Services

TimberTech Composite Decking

Wood / Composite Decking

We excel in deck replacements and installations. Our expertise lies in recommending the ideal composite deck, tailored to our clients’ needs. Additionally, we employ top-notch wood fillers to repair damages, ensuring a seamless process. Discover the optimal time to build your dream deck with us.

Costco Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Our skilled patio cover installers can create custom patio covers tailored to your unique needs. We can help you transform it into a stylish and functional outdoor oasis. Trust us as your reliable deck and patio builders for all your patio service needs, including custom patio cover installation.

TimberTech Composite Decking Dark Cocoa

Deck Resurfacing

At Fresh View Construction, we offer the best deck resurfacing services, including composite deck resurfacing. Our team of experts will help restore your deck to its former glory, providing a durable and long-lasting solution. Choose us for all your deck resurfacing needs, and enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

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