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How To Make Your Deck Last A Lifetime

Today I have 2 tips that will guarantee that your custom deck will last a lifetime. First, apply deck joist flashing tape which is is a water-resistant butyl adhesive used to keep moisture from penetrating your deck's frame. it's simple but the results are night and day. Although pressure treated lumber is rated for exterior use, standing water and moisture can cause the substructure of your deck to rot over the years. Taking the extra step to tape your joists and the areas where the frame is susceptible to standing water will ensure a longer life for your deck frame. I have personally come across decks with decking that is still in good condition but due to rot, the frame is not salvageable; unfortunate for the homeowners, they need to spend the extra money to rebuild the entire deck. Here is a project in Gig Harbor where the substructure rotted due to water damages.

The other tip I have for you is minimal but also has a huge impact on the life of your deck frame. Paint the end grains of your lumber every time you make a cut. This ensures that you waterproof your lumber again. Pressure treated wood is soaked or injected with a specific chemical solution in order to gain it's waterproof properties; this solution does not reach the inside of the wood. Therefore, when you cut your pressure treated lumber, the end grains are susceptible to water and moisture. I have a specific product that I will recommend for this application and it is called Cutek Extreme. To apply the product you will need a staining brush and a paint cup where you can pour the wood oil. Simply soak the brush and apply where you have cut your deck frame lumber.

These 2 tips will give your deck frame many more years of life and ensure your deck’s substructure retains its integrity and strength so you and your family can confidently enjoy your deck for years to come.

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